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An Integrated
Lesson Planning Platform

Transform your teaching with our all-in-one lesson planning platform, designed to streamline your workflow by integrating content creation, assessment, and organisation into one seamless process. Unlock creativity, simplify lesson design, and elevate your educational approach with comprehensive planning tools at your fingertips. From idea to classroom, make planning smarter and teaching more effective, all in one convenient location.

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    Revolutionize your educational content creation, effortlessly produce materials using our AI with just a single click. Simplify your workflow and instantly bring your teaching resources to life.

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    Shape it

    Ability to edit generated content, or shape it using our AI transformation tool

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    Save it

    Maximize efficiency and preserve your creativity, save your work for easy access and future use.

Providing Quality
Education Is Now Simple

Swift Teach offers an extensive suite of Teacher Tools, meticulously organised into categories like Content & Assessment, Creativity & Engaging, Personalised Learning, Administration and Leadership, along with subject-specific resources for Science, English, Math, and more, enabling educators to efficiently find and utilise the tools they need for any teaching scenario.

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    Multiple Choice Quiz Builder

    Creates a quiz with questions that escalate in difficulty on a given topic, including an answer key and feedback for each question, tailored for a specific age group.

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    Rubric Builder

    Generate a grading rubric for your class, streamlining grading and providing clear feedback

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    Report Writer

    Users can generate reports for their students, providing insights into their progress and areas.

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    Academic Content Creator

    Generate original age appropriate academic content tailored to specific classroom needs.

Lesson Planner

Swift Teach's Lesson Planner tool effortlessly generates comprehensive lesson sequences, complete with detailed plans, student handouts, keyword definitions, editable presentations, creative tasks, and open-ended questions, streamlining lesson preparation and enriching classroom engagement.


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Rated SwiftTeach 5/5


More Features
To Make Teaching Efficient

AI-powered tools, offering seamless translation, dynamic content transformation, curriculum alignment, and subject-specific tool, tools to enhance teaching and learning experiences.


Global Accessibility

Embrace a world of inclusivity with Swift Teach's 'Any-Language Translation' feature. Instantly translate resources into a variety of languages, ensuring every student has access to educational material in their native tongue. Our platform is committed to breaking down language barriers, making learning accessible and equitable for all.


Curriculum-Centric Tools

Swift Teach seamlessly adapts to your unique teaching requirements. With our intuitive 'Curriculum Link' feature, effortlessly align our tools with your chosen curriculum's aims and objectives. Simply toggle on or off to ensure every resource and activity supports your course's specific goals, making education personalized and effective.


Specialized Subject Tools

Dive into a world of subject-specific expertise with Swift Teach. From interactive programming guides computer science to immersive tools in business, history, geography, science, and more, our platform offers tailored resources for every discipline. Enhance your teaching with specialised tools designed to bring each subject to life, providing comprehensive support and engaging learning experiences for students.


Personalized Dashboard

Make Swift Teach truly yours with our 'Bookmark & Pin' feature. Easily mark your favorite tools and have them prominently displayed on your homepage for quick access. Tailor your teaching experience by keeping your most-used resources just a click away, ensuring efficient and personalized navigation every time you log in.


AI-Powered Customization

With Swift Teach, tracking and organising your educational journey is effortless. Our 'History & Save' feature allows you to view your past activity, enabling you to bookmark, rename, and categorise key resource strands. Tailor your resource library to your teaching style, ensuring quick access to your most impactful materials.



With Swift Teach, tracking and organising your educational journey is effortless. Our 'History & Save' feature allows you to view your past activity, enabling you to bookmark, rename, and categorise key resource strands. Tailor your resource library to your teaching style, ensuring quick access to your most impactful materials.

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    Plan & Prepare
    your Lessons in Advance

    Create lesson plans and course materials with Swift Teach's intuitive interface and AI transformation tool. Save time and design dynamic lessons that cater to student needs.

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    Work Seamlessly With
    Our Platform

    Enhance your teaching with our intuitive platform, designed for effortless lesson planning, content creation, and assessment. Streamline your workflow, save time with our user-friendly tools, and focus on delivering impactful education.

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    7-Day Free Trial,
    Showcasing The Full Capabilities of Swift Teach.

    Enjoy unrestricted access features during your trial. Test out every tool and feature available, AI-Powered Customization and Translation. Subject-specific tools for creative and impactful teaching. SDG Curriculum Access: As part of your trial, gain access to the complimentary 'Swift Teach UN SDGs Curriculum', empowering you to develop resources that address global sustainability goals.


    Full Experience with No Cost.

Simple, Transparent Pricing

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Basic Plan


Streamlined Teaching Experience: Our Basic Plan is designed to enhance your educational toolkit. For just $5 per month or an economical annual fee of $44.99 (saving over 25%), you gain access to an array of features that revolutionize the way you teach.

  • Access to a basic suite of innovative teaching tools.
  • Access to exclusive tools including admin and support.
  • Basic report writer for insightful parent feedback.
  • 'Make Your Own Lesson/Unit' for creating complete lessons with plans, handouts, keywords, and video recommendations
  • Unlimited use of all available tools.Easy access to usage history and outputs.
  • Free Integration of the UN SDG curriculum for customized content.Regular updates.
  • Ideal for educators looking for a comprehensive, budget-friendly way to enhance teaching and the classroom experiences.
Pro Plan


Ultimate Educational Empowerment: The Premium Plan is the pinnacle of what Swift Teach offers. Priced at $7.49 per month or a value-packed annual rate of $69.99 (saving over 20%), this plan unlocks the fullest potential of our platform.

  • All the benefits from the basic plan and more….
  • Unrestricted Tools & Features - Access to all tools.
  • AI-Powered Customization - customize resources with AI modification and custom prompts
  • Instant Translation of resources - translate resources into various languages.
  • Enhanced Subject Tools - Access subject specific tools for innovative learning and cross curricular tasks.
  • Curriculum Integration - link different curricula for deeper engagement.
  • Free link into the Swift Teach UN SDG Curricula
Curriculum add-ons


  • Teacher-Managed Content: Expertly Curated by Dedicated Educators
  • Unlimited Access: Integration with Curriculum-Linked Content
  • Affordable Pricing: Just $1 per Month for Each Subject
  • Customization Made Easy: Toggle On/Off for Tailored Subject Content
  • Educational Excellence: Resources Aligned with Your Teaching Goals
  • Perfect for Progressive Educators: Ideal for Enhancing Dynamic, Customized Teaching Resources

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As fellow educators who understand the importance of reflection in our teaching, I deeply appreciate your feedback on Swift Teach; your insights help us grow and improve, just as we aim to do with every lesson we teach.

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